Saturday, February 20, 2010

Strike a pose!!

Meet my models!!
I asked Kurt to model one of my scarves so I could put the pictures on my Etsy store. He is the exact opposite of Katie, who usually models my scarves for me. He wanted to know if his face would be shown because he DIDN'T want it shown whereas Katie was upset that her's wouldn't be seen. Doesn't he look thrilled to be a model. LOL

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Finished Projects!

I have been very pleased with my Etsy store. I actually sold two items very quickly (within two weeks of opening my store) and then sold two set of coasters to friends I graduated high school with!!! I could not have been more pleased to have these sales so soon after opening my store. I wasn't expecting to sell anything for at least a couple of months. God is so good!!
I just completed an order for another friend from high school for 12 dish cloths. This was an awesome order!! I love when I get orders for something because then I work faster trying to get it done.

It had been about 15 months since I had knitted anything. Remember, last year all I did was crochet gifts for Christmas--no knitting. I had boxed up all my scarf yarn and put it away in a spare closet and forgot about it while buying up all the cotton yarn for my dish cloths. Well--I got out my scarf yarn and sorted through it. I really had a lot more than I remembered having. It was like getting a gift. Then I got my knitting needles down and knitted a scarf. It felt so good to be knitting again after such a long time of only crocheting.