Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday

Now that I have finally finished K's blanket it is time to start A's. She had picked out the colors a while back. She loves blue, so blue and cream were her colors of choice. I also found a pattern on Bev's blog One Yarn After Another that I really liked. Mine might not be exactly like her's, but it was the inspiration for mine.

Don't forget to click on the WIP pictures above to see what other crafty people are working on.


  1. Love that color blue! It's going to be gorgeous with a cream color.

    Yes, I've been remiss in posting on WIP because I've been doing a blog challenge all month. I did just post it though so you can go back and sign up!

  2. Very cute...and love the colors! New follower from wip wed with ambassador crochet! Thanks for posting.

  3. Love those colors together. Thanks so much for sharing on my WIP Wednesday. I can't wait to see more as it progresses.

  4. looks nice...I like this type of pattern