Monday, October 24, 2011

Round Rag Rug and other WIP'S

I was looking at some other crafty blogs and found The Royal Sisters blog.
This picture of this beautiful rag rug caught my eye so I wanted to give it a try.

Photo from The Royal Sisters Blog
I first needed to find some old sheets. I really wish I had decided to do this project before I cleaned out my linen closet. But I was able to find a few sheets and an old curtain. So this is how mine started. . .
and a few rounds later, this is what I have so far.

I will post more pictures when I actually finish it. I am hoping that I will get it done within the next week.
Another project that I have been working on (or not working on, as it seems) is A's blanket.

I have been busy with moving and making dishcloths and other things that this blanket is not getting the attention that it deserves. I am making a goal of having it done in the next two weeks. I think A has waited far too long for her blanket and it will come in very handy with the weather getting so much cooler.

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  1. what size crochet hook did you use for the rag rug? i have a U.S. Q, or 15.75 mm, and do not want to open it if that is too big. i will use scrap material to crochet the rug. Thanks.